Historic Bobbin Quill in Fine Stand (Clearance)

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Clearance Note: These products are made with real feathers. Some of these feathers are shorter than the product photography. Some have small marks or natural discrepancies in the feather itself. We'll say they have a little bit of additional personality. A great price for a stunning product - function not effected!

Historic Bobbin Quill in Fine Stand

An exquisite, extra long quill complete with a fine, handmade industrial heritage stand reclaimed from hundred year old wood.

The bobbin quill uses a simple, modern roller-ball tip with black ink for ease of use and writing - there is no need to dip into a bottle of ink. Smooth-writing and versatile, the quill is a perfect accessory to bring a sense of drama, place and history to your table. Primarily for ornamental use, the roller-ball pen is expected to last for a writing distance of 1.5 miles, but is not designed to be replaced.

Reasons to Love your Quill

- Film and television quality prop

- Constructed from historic wood with a British industrial heritage - each bears unique marks and tells an individual story. Wood used originates from a Victorian cotton mill.

- Feather measures between 25cm -  35cm and is humanely gathered from an organic Turkey farm

- Ideally pairs with our sand timers and hourglasses to create a beautiful tableau

- Only available in small quantities. Each handmade by a single artisan.

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