Game Master's Toolbox: Luck Deck (for 5e)

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Game Master's Toolbox: Luck Deck

An essential addition to the GM's load-out! Now, when players roll a check and land on a 1 - a Critical Fail, or a Natural 20, a Critical Success, you can introduce an exciting and challenging mechanic - Luck.

How to Play

When rolling a 1, Players draw randomly from the 26 Bad Luck cards, featuring unique misfortunes which may be played against them at any time by the GM.

Conversely, a Natural 20 will enable players to draw one of the 25 Good Luck cards, each with individual boons and bonuses, to keep on hand for the next desperate moment in the session or when a small advantage might be necessary!

Adds thrills and anticipation to rolls. Dash player hopes or assist them to surge into extraordinary feats - Fortune and disaster are only a roll away!

Key Features

- Featuring 26 Bad Luck Cards and 25 Good Luck Cards

- A defining signature-gameplay item for creative GMs that will make your game memorable for players with unexpected moments and grand twists.

- Adds a thrilling new game mechanic to 5e Play and Roleplay

- Standard size Playing Cards (52 Total)

From Nord Games

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