Game Master's Toolbox: Critical Fail Deck (for 5e) Sample

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Game Master's Toolbox: Critical Fail Deck

An essential addition to the GM's load-out! Now when players roll a Natural 1, you can add a distastrous or hilarious consequence to their blunder.

How to Play

When rolling a 1 on an Attack, players or the GM themselves draw a card from the Deck. Each card has a different consequence based on the nature of the attack - melee, ranged, natural (claws, bites, etc) or magical. Each card also has a severity level in the upper right hand corner recommended for player levels - Awkward for Level 1, Embarrassing introduced at Level 5, Shameful at Level 9 or finally, Disgraceful at Level 12. You can of course use any card at any level - but if you dare, prepare for hilarity and chaos to ensue!

Key Features

- Featuring 52 Critical Fail Cards

- Add mischief and mortification to battles - use whenever a Natural 1 is rolled to deliver a creative calamity for highly memorable gameplay

- Introduces an excellent, unforgettable new mechanic to your 5e play.

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