Fey Embrace - 32mm Scale Physical OR Digital Miniature


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Prepared for your use by artist and sculptor Lucy Hateley of Gametee, this highly-detailed, game-ready miniature features a delicate Fey Embrace.

Designed for compatibility with The Courtyard of Prisms Adventure, this Model has been produced in celebration of Pride Month on Gametee. If you choose this model, your purchase will directly support our LGBTQIA+ Talent and Artists. Thank you!

Available as an instant delivery digital .STL file or as a 32mm Scale resin-printed physical miniature.



 If you select the PHYSICAL 3D Print option, you will receive a 3D printed physical copy of this miniature at a 32mm scaled size. In grey non-flexible resin. Delivered in a clam shell blister pack for your gaming pleasure.


DIGITAL PRINTABLE - Not a Physical Item. Instant Delivery.

Suspended above the fountain is an enormous prism, similarly colorless and untouched by the sun.  You can see your reflections within the prism's many facets, though they are as gray and lifeless as the surroundings.  Below the prism and above the water is a finely crafted, delicate statue of two faeries reclining. It is peculiarly lifelike, with the stone  smoothed so thinly across the creatures' wings it is almost insubstantial. - From The Courtyard of Prisms Adventure


Pack Contents

- .STL file of Fey Embrace 

- .STL File of Mushrooms

- Supported .STL file of Fey Embrace

- Supported .STL of Mushrooms

Instant Delivery

- You will receive one Zip File containing an .STL file suitable for printing on 3D Printers. 

- All Digital Printables in your order will be delivered instantly. Physical goods in your order will be processed separately and be subject to normal delivery times.

- Recommended for resin printers. 

How to Use Our 3D Printable Miniature

Please ensure you are aware that this item is a digital file. You will receive no physical product. You will receive an immediate delivery to your email address.

Follow the instructions according to the manufacturer of your 3D Printer.

Due to the nature of the file sales are final and therefore no refunds/cancellations/returns can be offered.

By buying this item you confirm that you understand that this is not a physical product.

This Printable STL is for Personal use only and may not be resold or redistributed in any way. Commercial reuse is strictly prohibited.

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