Crystal Talismans - Prototypes and Sample Sale

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The Crystal Talismans - Prototypes and Samples

    Sample Sale of Crystal Talismans

    During the making of the Crystal Talismans, when developing them, we produced many samples and prototypes that might have small issues, but are still fully functional and can be enjoyed in play.

    These small issues might include:

    - Small areas of missing paint

    - Heavy crystal texture

    - Slightly misaligned design on one side

    - Less convex shape; more flat.

    Please understand that by purchasing a Sample Talisman, your talisman may have one of the above issues. A great chance to grab an excellent bargain!

    Mystery Prototypes

    Featuring designs unseen in the Kickstarter campaign, these prototypes are on a variety of gemstones and feature a prototype dark paladin design and an alternative Barbarian. They may come on any gemstone. SUPER RARE.


    • Functional D2 dice engraved, not printed, on both sides.
    • Flip or spin them in-game to promote fast decision making and give a sense of urgency to action. 
    • Need an inspiration token?  Use your Talisman. 
    • They are appropriately sized to work as player characters on a standard inch-grid battlemat.
    • Compatible with the Talisman Keyring Holder
    • Compatible with the Captain's Coin Album
    • 30mm Diameter

    You can enjoy the Crystal Talismans in-game with our suggested rule sets, using them as playable items in your favourite TTRPG.

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