Creature and NPC Cards D&D

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Creature and NPC Cards D&D

Official Dungeons and Dragons product. The perfect tool to help Dungeon Masters manage and NPCs and creatures your Players might encounter in-game. An essential tool for DMs.

An Indispensible Resource for DMs

From a bandit captain's saving throws to a giant spider's stealth bonus, these cards let DMs select, organize, and access the information they need to avoid disruptions during that critical encounter.

Contains 182 UV laminated cards with up to date information for DMs on the face, and incredible artwork on the rear for players to admire.

A massive deck that is full of ready-to-play resources.

Key Features

- 182 Laminated Cards with useful non-player characters and creatures

- Useful for all 5e Play and an useful reference when building campaigns

- Bring battles to life with evocative artwork

- Essential reference material for DMs that enhances gameplay and battles

- No more distracting use of printed pages, mobile phones, screens or multiple books - keep your Legendary Monster cards to hand, consult them quickly, and spend more time playing!

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