Objects of Intrigue: Dungeon (for 5e) Sample

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Objects of Intrigue: Dungeon (for 5e)

An essential addition to the GM's load-out. Provide interesting story-beats, random encounters, and compelling treasures for your players.

How to Use

  • 53 cards containing objects and encounters
  • 4 potential outcomes on each card for added versatility
  • 212 possible outcomes

For newcomer storytellers and veteran DMs alike, the Objects of Intrigue: Dungeon deck is a versatile tool to cut down the amount of time you spend penning flavour-text or relying on improvisation - use the cards to rapidly generate story ideas, mysteries and appropriate treasures for an oceanic, harbour, or underwater setting.

Each card features professionally written descriptive text and different outcomes based on your preference or dice roll. Need ideas for a gripping new story hook or side-mission? A shuffle through these cards will inspire you!

Whether you curate the treasures or allow your players to draw a card, each item or experience is highly memorable, unusual, and perfectly tailored to the setting.

Add these to your cave, crypt and dungeon adventures and spend less time bogged down with mechanics, research, and writing, and more time enjoying playing!

Key Features

- Featuring 53 Playing-Card Size Cards

- Brilliantly written flavour text on every card enhances every object and encounter.

- A defining signature-gameplay item for creative GMs that will make your game memorable for players with unexpected moments and grand twists.

- Adds enthralling new items and experiences that are designed for use in an Dungeon setting.

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