Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (Gilded Pages Hardcover Edition)


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Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (Gilded Pages Hardcover Edition)

By the Jacob and Wilhem Grimm

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They begin with the familiar "Once upon a time," and are the tales we all know and love - Cinderella, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and hundreds more. But these stories, collected in the early 1800s by the Brothers Grimm, are not the ones you will recall being read before bedtime. They are darker, frequently unexpectedly so, and not all end happily. Wondrous worlds unfold in which wit is rewarded, strength and cleverness triumphs, and heroes and heroines are richly rewarded.

An excellent, essential addition to a home library.

We love the Inspirational Material within

GMs are oral storytellers, and so it is fascinating to experience the original  folkloric tales that the Grimm Brothers collected - frequently telling the stories in a form not much different from the oral tradition from which they originated. Sparse, yet poetic, you will find inspiration in each tale, as you examine the storycraft within. "Once upon a table..."

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