A Dragon Walks into a Bar: An RPG Joke Book (Hardcover)

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A Dragon Walks into a Bar: An RPG Joke Book (Hardcover)

By Jef Aldrich & Jon Taylor

A hilarious collection of over 300 puns, one-liners, and classic jokes dedicated to the fun of RPGs.

Why don’t dragons like to eat paladins?
They taste lawful.

Laugh out loud at over 300 zingy one-liners and eye-rolling puns with this collection of tabletop-based humor.

A Dragon Walks into a Bar gives you hours of funny content that will keep you smiling. Whether you use them as inspiration for your level 20 comedian bard to crack wise during battle or if you just want a giggle in between turns, this book has everything you’ve been looking for.

Groan-worthy and Delightfully Corny

“Guaranteed to make you laugh.”

Geek And Sundry

If you like diabolically torturing other players and your GM with exquisitely crafted terrible humour, this book is a fine resource. Be thoroughly prepared to duck in case the other players elect to fling this book at your head.

Warning: This Joke book is, in some bawdy parts, NOT suitable for younger readers!

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