COVID-19 Update


Gametee is currently FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

During this time, we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of all whilst honouring our duty to serve our customers and friends.

We are shipping with a reduced staff. Employees are working with KN95 masks, observing hourly cleaning protocols and washing hands regularly. Meetings have been moved fully online and all non-shipping activity is being conducted via working from home.

If it becomes impossible for us to fulfill orders in the coming weeks, and the need arises to suspend shipping temporarily - all of our employees will receive their FULL monthly pay for the duration of our temporary suspension of service. We thank our cherished customers for continuing to support us in a way that means we can support others. 

Now is a time of courage and unity for the entire world. Gametee will continue to ship your orders. We believe morale is of utmost importance. If our products help you raise your morale, then we will ensure they reach you.


Deliveries are facing no interruptions at this time in the United Kingdom. If your nation is in lockdown, you may face postal disruption.


We have removed Standard Economy International Shipping Options temporarily.
This is because this option involves the recipient country's postal service. Some worldwide postal services are now changing priorities to cope with the outbreak, which is causing delays.

For the time being, where appropriate, we will only be offering DHL Express On Demand, which is operating at full capacity and should reach you within 3 - 5 business days, as usual.


Unfortunately our Art Print printing facilities have temporarily closed. We're working with the stock we have on hand but expect sell outs rapidly across the art ranges. Sadly, for the first time in 7 years, this also means no new Art Cards this month.

What follows is taken from our Delivery Partner Royal Mail:


There are likely to be small delays to UK based shipments as Royal Mail is currently facing a situation where some staff are unable to attend work. They are mitigating this with the measures detailed below.  If you are choosing Standard International Shipping it is quite likely your shipment will be delayed as it passes between the Royal Mail postal service and the recipient country postal service.

UPDATE (Donating Our Stock of Bandanas) (NO LONGER APPLICABLE)

We are donating our entire stock of Bandanas whilst our stocks last (GONE) You will receive 1 bandana of randomly selected design, with instructions, per physical order placed. Bandanas can be used for improvised face coverings, as per CDC guidelines, here:

You do not need to add them to Cart, they will be adding manually on dispatch  of your order.

Thank you to our affiliate Jesse Cox for also donating his stock to this initiative.

(UPDATE - This had a truly amazing response, our entire stock of bandanas - over 350 items - was claimed within four hours. We are in contact with our suppliers to create more and hopefully repeat this offer very soon.)

Sanitising Postal Items

Please remember that your post has been in contact with the outside world after it leaves us. Please take the appropriate measures to keep yourself and your family safe and well. Though there is much conflicting advice out there, it may well be prudent to leave unopened packages in a safe space until you are satisfied any potential virus has degraded.

We at Gametee are practicing a sanitisation method, which is quarantining incoming deliveries for 72 hours, then disinfecting the box or package with an alcohol wipe, disposing of said wipe safely, folding it in on itself, then washing our hands thoroughly after handling the shipment.


Over the weekend a number of European countries have closed their borders. These closures relate to the movement of people not goods. We continue to provide a service to all European countries however delays are expected due to the countries authorities applying special orders e.g. quarantine; or special measures being implemented by the local postal/delivery service to minimise the spread of the virus.

International Guidance and Updates in English on the Royal Mail Website

Further information on national procedures can be found here:

Delivery to the USA with DHL Express On Demand

Currently unaffected, DHL air-freight is fully operational.

Delivery to Europe with DHL Express On Demand

Mostly unaffected, check for updates:

Kickstarter Projects

Lucy and AJ continue work and plans for their yearly Kickstarters. The project planned for an April debut has been pushed back to later in the year. It is a beautiful project and represents an enormous amount of hard work. We dearly hope you will enjoy it and join us later this year for the debut!

Convention Appearances

Currently all of Gametee's planned event appearances for the Spring have been cancelled or suspended by the organisers. Please consult the appropriate websites for information on the new Summer dates.


A Personal Note

You've conquered dragons. You've felled evil. You've captained your own soul and now you stand shoulder to shoulder with us against the tempest.

Sincerely - Thank you very much for your support. We're grateful.

Heroes Wanted!

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