Book of the Pact


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Masterpiece Edition. Featuring improved leather thickness and finish. 

Book of the Pact

It is said that most wizards and mages fear the infernal fires, the deathly arts, and the forbidden realms of demons. Where some only see evil - the enterprising mind sees opportunity. With your Book of the Pact, you may choose to rule over the forces of havoc and master the sinister arcane arts, unleashing your wrath upon enemies in the form of hellfire or elemental rage. Become a scholar of the hidden, and tread where others fear to go, creating devious plans and bending even great devils to your will, binding brimstone and shadow to your body. But remember to abide by the cautionary Latin inscription that weaves around your Book of the Pact - although knowledge may be power, there is no genius without madness…

Seal the Deal...

Treasure your gaming memories in our finest Leather Notebooks; Finely hand-crafted from a seamless piece of thick hide, and finished using an ancient method of oak bark tanning, each soft, supple notebook is masterfully embellished with a highly detailed embossing of one of our beautiful designs. Each intricate pattern is gently and permanently applied to the leather, creating raised and relieved designs that are a pleasure to run your fingers across. Created from the finest full-grain leather, retaining the characterful marks of hide, each notebook is left unpolished, ensuring it will develop a desirable rich and natural patina with age.

Key Details

  • Secure Heavy Duty Elastic-cord Binding
  • Bound in Grey Leather
  • Inspired by high Gothic ecclesiastical design
  • Refillable
  • Includes four internal notebooks - Lined, Squared, Plain and Craft
  • Featuring card holders, paper management slots and pen straps
  • Skull end caps

Complimentary Accessories and Notebooks

  • Includes free gilt-embossed drawstring velvet dust bag
  • Contains four free Internal Notebooks - Lined, Squared, Plain and Craft (Worth £12.99)


Each leather notebook contains four interchangeable notebooks - perfect for keeping track of multiple campaigns and characters. They are effortless to remove and replace. Customise your journal to your own liking, whether playing, drawing, or travelling.


Part of Gametee: Finest Leather Notebook for Gamers 2nd Edition Collection

  • Heavyweight 0.6kg
  • Full-Grain Ethically sourced Bovine Leather
  • 155 x 220 mm / 6 x 8.5 in
  • Gaming Notebook
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