Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit



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The Kickstarter Sensation - Over 7500 GM Backers!

Level-up your Campaign!

120 Tables of Game-Enhancing Descriptions, Encounters and Items 
Compatible with all fantasy based RPGs, Roll & Play decreases the time you will need to take preparing sessions - simply find the relevant table, roll a dice, and bring your players into thoughtfully described, rich setting. You will find name generators, chest-filling treasures, magic weaponry and even prophetic dreams. 

Not using it in a session? A flick through will reward you with an assortment of inspiration ready to use in your own game at a later date.

Detailed Content - Minimal Preparation

Chapter 1: People and Quests

  • Character names, behaviours, allies and villains and their origin stories, organisation names, campaign generator and more

Chapter 2: World Building

  • Town features and local attractions, rumours, bounty posters, taverns, food and drink, festivals, games and more.

Chapter 3: Journeys and Events

  • Supernatural patrons, ghosts, dreams, traps, as well as encounters across a range of environments.

Chapter 4: Combat and Injuries

  • Melee, ranged and magic critical hit/fail tables, revival side effects, lasting injuries, diseases, blessings and more.

Chapter 5:  Items and Rewards

  • Magic armour, magic weapons, alchemy misfires, potions, scams, plants, books, art pieces, chest fillers and more.

Key Details

- Spiral Bound to lay flat behind your GM screen

- Special Edition Arctic Blue Edition

- Over 120 Tables and Charts

- 100 Pages

- A Kickstarter smash hit with over 7500 Backers!

- Manufactured in UK

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