Black Cherry Heartwood Wooden Dice Set



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Prunus Serotina
Origin: North America

Black Cherry Heartwood Wooden Dice Set

Complete set of seven polyhedral dice hand-carved from Black Cherry Heartwood. Each dice is exquisitely shaped by hand, with pinkish numbers engraved, not printed, into the wood.

Reasons to Love This Set

A prized wood for cabinet making and knifework, Black Cherry Heartwood is a light, pinkish brown which matures into a deeper reddish shade with time and care. Yours forever, this prestigious and hardy natural material will develop further character with age. The texture is fine and even, with a natural lustre.

Frequently associated with Japan, cherry, and cherry blossoms are said to evoke the transience, beauty, and volatility of life.

Key Details

- Includes Complimentary Hand-Made Leather Dice Bag - Worth £5.99

- Luxury Black Cherry Heartwood Dice Set

- Seven polyhedral dice

- Hand-made and hand-engraved

- Recommended for use in dice trays

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