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Once Bitten- Multi-room Epic Digital Map

Gaming map - optimised for use on Digital Tabletops. 

Presented at 4k resolution.

"Aboard the handsome ship, sailors are scrubbing the deck with pumice stones, and swabbing it directly. Officers of the Watch cast attentive glances over all the minutiae of the active ship, and a midshipman turns an hourglass with studious precision as you pass. Every inch of cordage is neat and taut, the stately masts rise straight and true, and the lines of the ship are elegant. But the ship is utterly spartan. The men observe a rigorous routine and the officers are austere and sharp. Curious mutterings about your presence aboard are instantly reprimanded." - Once Bitten, Twice Shy

While suitable to be used as a standalone map, this map was designed to be compatible with the module: Once Bitten, Twice Shy.


Instant Delivery - Package Includes

Fourteen Areas of 4K Resolution Map:

Captains Cabin (Room), Forecastle, Captains Cabin Layer (Sea), Gundeck, Gundeck and Infirmary (Sea), Hold, Hold (Sea), Berths and Galley (Sea), Gunroom, Once Bitten (Transparent) and Weatherdeck (Sea)

Infirmary (Gridded), Hold (Gridded) and Weatherdeck (Gridded)


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