Dead Drunk - Tales of Intoxication and Demon Drinks



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Dead Drunk  - Tales of Intoxication and Demon Drinks

Suddenly he tripped and fell his length over a prostrate body... he marvelled that so rough an impact should not have kicked a groan out of the drunkard...

With a stiff measure of the supernatural, a dram of melodrama and a chaser of the cautionary kind, tales of drink and drunkenness can be found in a well- stocked cabinet of Victorian and early twentieth-century fiction, reflecting an anxiety about the impact of alcohol and intoxicants in society, as well as an acknowledgment of their influence on humans’ perception of reality.

Featuring drink-fuelled classics such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Body Snatcher’ alongside obscurities from periodicals such as Blackwood’s Magazine, this new collection offers a (somewhat poisoned) chalice of dark and stormy short fiction, brimming with the weird, the grotesque, the entertaining and the outlandish.

Why We Recommend this Book

This book takes you on a tipsy journey through a world where the spirits aren't just in the bottles!  With a dash of supernatural, a hint of melodrama, and a shot of caution, these Victorian and early twentieth-century tales remind us that alcohol and its intoxicating effects have always been a source of fascination and fear.

The ideal gift for anyone who appreciates a drink, it's a cocktail of dark and stormy short fiction, served with a twist of the weird, a pinch of the grotesque, and a splash of the outlandish. Raise a glass to tales that leave you wondering what's in your drink and what's lurking in the shadows!


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