Our Kickstarter: Finest Mechanical Dice Pencil for Gamers

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Presenting Gametee: Finest Mechanical Dice Pencil for Gamers

A Collection of Propelling Dice Pencils designed with Pride in England - Discover Craftsmanship, Character and Heirloom Quality with Kickstarter Experts, Gametee.

The Only Mechanical Dice Pencil in the Entire World.

Enhance your gaming experience with an accessory designed to last a lifetime - in premium brushed Aluminium or precious, solid Titanium. No more novelty - Choose uncompromising standards of excellence in your writing instruments, from our trusted family business.

Our master designers have been inspired by the world of tabletop gaming and the rapidity of gameplay. Free your note taking. Focus on your worlds, whilst the smooth propelling pencil flows across the page without interruption. With a robust, detachable pure Titanium clip on each model, roll this distinctive propelling pencil and it functions as a dice, with pips subtly and permanently engraved on the body of the grip. Roll a D6? Instantaneous result.

But, We Need Your Help - Please Help Make this Dream a Reality!
Find them on Kickstarter and Pledge Now - HERE

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