New - Free Tote Bags With Orders Over £100

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Tote Bags with Knight an Rose and Daggers Designs
Selection is RANDOM but if you wish to have a specific design, please tell us in the Notes section at checkout and we will try our best to oblige you.
In our ongoing endeavour to reduce plastic consumption across Gametee, we are introducing sustainable cotton tote bags - your free gift with all orders over £100. There are a variety of designs available - we'll select randomly from our designs if your order totals more than £100.

You may also find Ecoflo packing within your Gametee package - added to protect delicate products, Ecoflo is a fully biodegradable substance created from maize grit - an annually renewable resource. It is a much better packing material for the environment than polystyrene pellets, and dissolves naturally when exposed to water. This ingenius material can even be added to your compost heap.
You can purchase a Tote Bag here.

Gamers, let's reduce plastic consumption together and keep our precious world magical for the next generation!

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